In Victoria, a Certificate of Roadworthiness is required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered. This helps minimise the number of poorly maintained vehicles on our roads. In some cases a Certificate of Roadworthiness is also needed to clear a Vehicle Defect Notice or a Notice of Roadworthiness.


Drouin Motors perform roadworthy inspection and upon a successful pass a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued. These Certificates can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester. The inspection is a check of the vehicle to ensure that key components have not worn or deteriorated and that the vehicle is safe for normal road use.  Drouin Motors is accredited to carry out vehicle testing on vehicles running LPG fuel systems.



Pre PurchaseVehicle Inspections​

Drouin Motors are accredited  for pre purchase inspections before you buy.


We have relationships with all local used car dealers and many of the salesmen working within that network. Don’t be caught out with a vehicle in need of major repairs.



Advice for Buyers

Don’t be sold a car, buy one and the one you want. You can appoint us to do all the hard work for you.


For a small fee in contrast to your true investment, we will locate, negotiate, test, roadworthy and deliver to your door exactly what you have been looking for.


Remember buy a car, don’t be sold one!




Advice for Sellers

If you want to sell your car, we can help you through the steps.


A good idea is to have a RWC before you decide on the price you are asking. Often people agree on the sale price with a potential buyer before a test is done, this can lead to a disappointment and some times a financial loss.


Still unsure? We have the answers. Contact us for more information.