At Drouin Motors, we constantly strive to do our very best to deliver significantly more competitive prices than most manufacturers, whilst we still provide a high quality of repair using your choice of the original manufacturer or equivalent quality aftermarket parts. You should not have to compromise the quality of your repair carried out on your car due to the cost.


Drouin Motors offer a high level of service to you without the manufacturers often excessive price tags.


Whether it be Manufacturers Log Book Servicing, Major and Minor Servicing, Diagnostic Monitoring, General Mechanical Repairs, LPG systems, Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections, Child Seat Installations, VicRoads Roadworthy Testing (License EX10938LVLP), Tyres, Steering, Suspension, Wheel Alignment, Brake & Clutch Repair, Gearbox and Transmission Service, plus all accessories and cabin faults including but not limited to Cabin Climate Control Systems, Audio and Visual Systems, Bluetooth Connectivity, Reverse Cameras, Electric Brake Controllers and much more, you name it, we have the answers!




Although we don’t like to stop, we like our customers too. We repair all types of brake system and problems.


We replace brake pads, disc rotors, brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, brake cylinder, brake cables, hose and brake calipers and repair / adjust the hand-brake. We have the latest equipment which enables us to diagnose and repair electronic and ABS systems accurately and promptly.


Whether your brakes are grinding, squealing, vibrating, pulling to one side, you have a low brake pedal, or the brakes are just worn out, Drouin Motors have the solution.





Drouin Motors repair all types of suspension. Whether your shock absorbers are worn, experiencing bouncy or leaking oil we can assist.


We repair or replace struts and inserts, coil springs, ball joints, control arm, leaf springs, shock absorbers and sway bars.


We will also check your front end and make sure the rest of the suspension and steering is in good working order using the latest technology and 4 wheel lazer aligning equipment.




Tuning your motor vehicle will save you money by improving your cars fuel economy along with other benefits, including but limited to items such as the start motor and battery.


Is your vehicle experiencing or exhibiting signs of poor fuel economy, lack of performance, no power, hard to start, stalling or running rough? Chances are your vehicle is in need of a tune up, service or possible repair.



Drouin Motors use only high quality parts, lubricants and tools to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest possible standard. We employ highly skilled technicians, so you can be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands.


Drouin Motors have all the necessary expertise and diagnostic equipment required to provide you with accurate and cost effective advice and solutions.




Drouin Motors Service & Repair clutches and transmissions for all vehicle types. Using only reputable brands and specialists, all vehicles are repaired using quality parts, the expertise and experience to correct all clutch and transmission related issues.